4 Tips to Keep Your Business Safe When Working with Pallets & Pallet Racks

18 February 2015
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Pallet racking systems can cause safety hazards in your business; they can be knocked over, and pallets can fall off them. This is why you will want to be safe when working in these areas of a business, and make sure that workers have safety training and that you have the appropriate safety equipment. Doing these things can reduce the chance of accidents, and help to reduce the cost of insurance for your business.

Here are four tips to help keep your business safe when it comes to pallets and racks:

1. Regularly Inspect Pallet Racks for Damages

It is important to do regular inspection of pallet racks. This is something that you will want to have done by a certified service to ensure that the racks are in operational condition. If any problems like bent or damage beams are found, these parts will need to be replaced with new pallet rack parts. You do not want to use any rack systems that have damaged or missing parts, and these problems will need to be fixed before they can be used again.

2. Install Well-placed Signage to Warn of Dangers

It is also important to have warning signs installed in conspicuous locations on your pallet rack systems. They should warn of the dangers of climbing and standing on these racks.

If you have a commercial business that caters to the public, you may want to have additional signs placed, as well as systems that warn of the dangers when work is being done, and to keep unauthorized persons out of the work area when pallets are being moved or placed on racks. It is also a good idea to have weight limits and the type of pallets that can be stored on racks clearly marked.

3. Train Employees

You also want to have employees trained in handling the pallet racks safely. Only certified forklift operators should be loading and unloading the racks. You will also want to have regular safety meetings to discuss issues related to safety and how to improve the safety of your business. Employees in commercial businesses should also know how to deal with the public, and keep worker areas clear when work is being done.

4. Use Appropriate Equipment & Safety Apparatuses With Racks

When loading pallets on racks, it is important to have the right forklifts and motorized equipment. You will also want to have things like ropes and chains for any racks that have other materials that are larger than the racks. The racks should have safety equipment such as guards and bumpers that will prevent them from being knocked over or damaged.

When it comes to pallets and the racks they are stored on, these are some things that can keep your business safe. If you have old racks that need to be replaced, contact a pallet rack supplier like Commercial Hardware / Nevada Casters & Material Handling get the new racks you need to keep your business safe.