Four Awesome DIY Projects You Can Do With Used Auto Parts And A Little Scrap Metal

29 June 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you are a DIY person that loves to make stuff, then you may want to make some toys for big boys. With all the metal and auto parts that people throw out, you can make some awesome projects, like your very own mini excavator, an oversized go-kart or front-end loader. Here are some projects that you can do with a little trash and ingenuity:

1. Building Your Very Own Backhoe

If you like to dig and make things around your home, a backhoe is a really useful tool to have. It is also one of the DIY build projects that there are a lot of resources on. You can use a small lawn tractor and a few hydraulic parts create the perfect backhoe for your backyard projects. If you want to have a functional tractor, build the backhoe on the back as an attachment and use a swivel seat.

2. Go-Karts For Big Kids Using Junk Cars

Go-karts can also be a fun project to do with junk cars and scrap metal. You can use the frame and drivetrain of an old car to build a big go-kart to have fun with. If you do not want to use a car to base your design on, building the frame with tube metal and using a large two-cycle engine can also be a great project. You can have these motors rebuilt with high-performance parts to make your go-kart really go. Motorcycle motors can also be a good choice if you want your creation to have extra power.

3. Building A Mini Loader With Old Lawn Tractors

Mini loaders can be another great project to take on with old lawn tractors. This can be an additional project to a backhoe and give you a complete mini machine to do work around the yard. You can use two separate sets of hydraulic controls for the loader and backhoe, but use the same pump.

4. Creating A DIY Tracked Vehicle For All Terrain And Every Season

Creating a tracked vehicle can be another fun project to do with scrap parts. This can be just a set of tracks on two wheels, or you can have extra sets of wheels and gears for the tracks. You can also use metal or rubber tracks. The metal tracks will be more durable, but the rubber will be more affordable and easier to work with.

You will be amazed by some of the awesome things that you can build with junk. If you need to buy or sell scrap metal and parts, contact a scrap metal service, like Pure Metal Recycling, to get what you need for your projects and get rid of what you don't.