Tips For Choosing Casters For Your Utility Carts

4 December 2015
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When it comes to productivity and efficiency, utility carts play an important role. However, how beneficial your utility cart is when it comes to these two factors has a lot to do with whether or not you are making the right selections when it comes to the cart, particularly when it comes to the casters. A poorly chosen caster can make using the cart difficult to navigate. Make sure you know how to choose casters for your utility cart wisely.


The most important factor to consider is weight capacity. Take a few moments to think about what types of objects you plan to transport on the cart to determine what capacity rating is necessary. Step one of accomplishing this involves dividing the maximum weight needed for the cart by the number of casters it will have installed on it.

For instance, a load need of 600 pounds for a cart with 6 casters would need casters that can support 100 pounds each. However, this is just a start. You then want to take this number and add a little extra weight for extra support. How many additional pounds you want to add depends on you. In the event the weight on the cart is not evenly dispersed, such as more on the right side than the left, the extra weight capacity will still be able to support the load.

Shock Load

Shock load is another factor that is important for you to consider as it is completely separate from the capacity load of a trailer. Shock load primarily deals with the level of impact a caster can easily support without damage. The reason this is so important is because the impact of a resting object is different from that of a moving one. For instance, take a 5 lb. object for example. A basic understanding of gravity makes it clear that the impact of the object when resting will be less than its impact if it were dropped on the cart.

If you aren't choosing caster with an appropriate level of shock load, you run the risk of the impact from an object being slammed on the cart damaging the casters and the wheels. Shock load is also important when it comes to the casters making forceful contact with an object, such as rolling over a door jam or concrete joint. Make sure you are choosing casters that can properly meet the level of shock load you need.

In order to get the most out of your utility carts, make sure you are taking the time to choose your casters wisely. For more information about casters, talk with a manufacturer, such as Garland's, Inc.