Industrial Food Plants: Is There A Better Way To Freeze Your Goods?

11 August 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you operate a frozen food factory, you want your freezers to keep everything you store safe and properly frozen. But if your freezers fail to work properly, you may lose more than just your goods. You may also lose valuable customers and profits. Find a better way to freeze your goods and protect your bottom line with the information below.

Why Do Your Freezers Fail?

Many food manufacturers and producers use industrial or commercial grade freezers to store their goods. However, the types of freezers you own can have a great effect on how well they preserve your products. 

Freezers, such as air-blast tunnel freezers and plate freezers, may require you to use multiple steps, cold storage rooms, or processing methods to freeze your food properly. Some industrial freezers can cause large ice crystals to form on your goods by going into defrost mode too quickly or too regularly. Other types of freezers may not keep food properly hydrated during the freezing and thawing processes. All of the issues above can affect your products' appearance, taste, and safety.

You can combat each of the problems above by using spiral freezers in your plant.

What's the Best Freezer System for You?

Spiral freezers preserve food, such as fruit, vegetables, and meat, at the correct temperatures. Spiral freezers use high-powered air pumps to direct cold air over the surfaces of your goods. The cold air allows your goods to freeze quickly and from different directions, such as horizontally and vertically.

Spiral freezer systems also allow you to preserve, process, and freeze large quantities of food at the same time. The freezers use a method called self-stacking. The self-stacking method allows you to stack goods on top of each other to save space inside the freezers. You use the extra space inside the freezers to store multiple goods and products.

Spiral freezers also allow you to control when and how they defrost. Some industrial freezers can use a great deal of energy during the defrost phase. If you need to lower your energy costs during the year, the extra energy used by your freezers may cause issues for you. Spiral freezer systems allow you to save energy and expenses throughout the year.

If you wish to use spiral freezers in your food plant or would like to find out more about the freezer systems, contact an industrial freezer supplier for more details today.