Purchasing Advice For Rubber Quad Rings

21 July 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you're looking to seal a system for dynamic operations, quad rings are a great choice because of their deep grooves. You just want to purchase a supply of them in the following ways. 

Account For Pressure Range

If you're planning to set up quad rings around a system that will expose it to pressure, then you need to find out what this pressure range will be. Then you can verify you're going after a quad ring supply that can last in this range instead of being susceptible to breaking down. 

Every quad ring product will have a maximum pressure range it can be exposed to according to the rubber compounds it's made of. You just need to target your system's consistent pressure range and use it to focus on the right quad ring variety. Then you'll have rings that provide great sealing performance for a long time.

Decide Between Standard and Custom Sizes

The size of your quad rings has to be right in order for these rubber components to set up nicely and subsequently provide amazing sealing performance long-term. With size, you can either go the standard or custom route.

If you have a pretty standard system with basic dimensions, it probably will require quad rings that are a standard size. Whereas if the system you're trying to seal is overly large or pretty small, you may need to find a manufacturer and have them customize quad rings to be a certain size. 

Review Sliding Performance Before Purchasing

If you're planning to use quad rings for dynamic operations where movement is a possibility, then it's important to find rings that can slide without folding over. This will ultimately keep damage from happening and help your system maintain optimal sealing.

You just want to review this sliding performance with quad rings before purchasing them as it's going to make sure you buy a set that can work out great for your applications. You need to see that quad rings have undergone ample testing where sliding was tested out in different conditions. If the quad rings slid and didn't suffer any negative consequences when doing so, that's a good sign for dynamic sealing operations.

There are going to be some projects that work out better when quad rings are used compared to standard o-rings, such as dynamic systems. You can support these projects greatly if you spend enough time researching the different quad ring varieties to find the right supply. 

Contact a manufacturer with a rubber quad ring supply today to learn more.