How To Make The Most Of Zoning In Your Building

18 January 2023
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Adding zones to the HVAC system can help your heating and cooling costs and effects in the long run. If you really want to make the zones effective, though, you need to gather a lot of information and then head off additional disputes about temperature settings. Knowing how your workers feel right now gives you a good push toward improving the heating and cooling in your building.

Survey Workers to Find out What's Going on Now

Don't install zones simply by floor or wing. Find out what workers think now of the heating setup and if it's been too hot or too cold for them. Actually map these answers if you have to because you want to find patterns where more people say it's too hot, for example. These are the areas you want to make separate zones if possible.

Assign Someone in Each Zone to Work the Thermostat

There can still be minor dissent in a zone as no one zone will have people who all want it to be the same temperature. Instead of having people randomly change the thermostat setting, assign people during each shift to be in charge of the thermostat. It can be as simple as asking the person and telling them whether it's too hot, and the person in charge can ask others if they want the temperature changed, too.

Find out Who's Opening the Doors and Windows

A lot of modern buildings are built with windows that don't open. But if you're in an older building where people in offices can open windows, and people can leave doors to the outside open, you'll want to know who. These areas should get their own zones with the instruction to not have the heating on if they plan to keep a window open. If it turns out that they kept opening windows and doors because they felt too hot, then you know giving them their own zone will solve that problem easily. Keeping the window or a door open allows all that hot air to rush outside, leading to higher bills. If you can isolate these areas (in terms of the HVAC, not the people), then they can set their thermostats to be on only when they have everything closed. They can set the temperature to a lower one that is more comfortable.

Adding zones for heating at your building should make everyone happier. You'll see savings on your utility bill and hopefully have fewer complaints about thermostat settings. 

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