4 Ways To Keep Copper Theft From Happening At Your New House

19 January 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

When you are building your house, you have a lot of things that you need to worry about. Sadly, one of them is the wiring in your house. This worry isn't about how the wiring should go into your house, it's more about how to make sure that the copper wires stay in your house. Copper has a high resale value. That means that there are a lot of people who collect scrap metal who are very happy to get copper wire to sell. Most of those people do it legally. However, there are some people who are more than happy to use alternative methods to get that copper. That can include going into new construction and stealing wires from your house. So, what can you do to prevent that?

1. Copper Wiring Alternatives: You can talk to your electrician or contractor about using something like aluminum wiring instead. It isn't quite as good as copper, which is why copper replaced it as the standard. However, there are new innovations that are making aluminum wiring viable again. They include special electrical outlets and light fixtures that are designed for copper. 

2. Security Systems: You can install security fencing with an alarm system or camera on it to help deter the thefts. If your house is going to take a long time to get built, or you have a very large house, this may be a good idea. Even if people break into your house to try to get the wiring, if you have a camera system, you can at least have a record of who did it. Discuss this option with your contractor, they may have companies they already work with. Outside of any security system, make sure that there are a lot of lights on the site. If it's dark, it's easier to get in and steal the wiring. 

3. Don't Get Early Delivery: Your contractor may be tempted to get everything sent to your house well before they need it. That way if they are ahead of schedule, they will have everything necessary to get on with the next part of the job. However, all that equipment and that wiring sitting around is a temptation. Make sure that your contractor doesn't get the wiring or any copper pipes, until right before they need them. 

4. Vigilance: Just talking to the contractor to make sure that all their workers are paying attention to their surroundings can help. Often times people will check out a site several times before they do anything. That's because they want to know where everything is and how easy it is to get. You can also talk to any neighbors about keeping an extra eye out. If any car goes by your construction site over and over, or stops and looks at your housing site, someone could be up to no good. 

Copper makes excellent wires. It's also good for pipes. However, it also has a high resale value for the scrap buyer. That means you have to take some precautions when you are having your house built so that your copper doesn't get stolen. Talk to a professional like Pasco Inc. for more information.