A Guide To Adjusting The Pressure Switch When You Have Low Water Pressure In Your Well

11 October 2016
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If you are like many people in the United States that depend on the water from your well for all of the needs of your household, the unexpected reduction of water pressure can be disastrous. While your first thought might be that you are running out of water or will need to supplement your existing water source with another unit in the near future, it is important to know how to troubleshoot the problem. Therefore, the following information will be very useful if you have recently noticed limited water pressure from your well. 

Check The Set Point For The Pressure Switch

It will first be necessary to remember that the speed and pressure of water that you can access from your well will usually relate to the settings on the pressure switch. You can determine the current settings by checking that switch, which can be found on the pressure tank of the actual water system.

If the settings were somehow moved or the switch is malfunctioning, you would first notice a reduction in the water pressure. You should expect the switch to automatically activate when the amount of water being stored drops below the pre-determined level. If that does not occur and the settings are still set as they always have been, you can increase the water pressure by making modifications to the pressure gauge, as discussed below.

Understand The Role Of The Pressure Gauge

The pressure gauge is an unusual item in that, unlike many household electrical items, needs to be turned on and adequately activated. That means that you should plan to take extra care while checking for problems, so that you do not get any unwanted electrical jolts.  

Once you have found the pressure switch, which is typically a plastic cover with a nut on its outside, you can open it by slowly moving that nut counterclockwise. You should see two more nuts inside, with the smaller one controlling the pressure gap and the slightly bigger one impacting the levels of water that initiate the need for water. Therefore, using a screwdriver, open the bigger nut in a clockwise manner until you are satisfied with the water pressure and levels that indicate the need for more water. Reassemble the unit, being sure to maintain the current settings. Otherwise, the unit should look as it did when you started the process, but with the improved water pressure you need.                  

In conclusion, low water pressure from a well can make it difficult to meet the needs of your family and keep everything as hygienic as it needs to be. As a result, if you have noticed that your well water is no longer being supplied with the same strength it used to, understanding what you can do to diagnose and repair the problem, as explained above, is crucial. For more information, contact local professionals like David Cannon Well Drilling.